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Michael Coleman, also known as JiggyKorean, was born in Washington DC. At the age of 9 he found his passion for art, soon to switch gears for writing
music. “Creativity is the most important thing to me. Continuous creative discovery, travel, brand
marketing keeps me focused and new. The best part of being a successful creative is meeting
unique people from different cultures and backgrounds.” The universe put art back into JiggyKorean's life in 2017 and since then, he’s developed a unique style of black and white art in which he calls “Dramatic Pop Art”. Selling hundreds of his Pop Works, he has been featured in many art exhibitions and currently on tour with the infamous
“Trap Music Museum”, God Is Dope Gallery, and many sold out art shows. JiggyKorean has also outfitted
several restaurants and homes with his artistic narrative and continues to grow his brand RVRE
CREATOR, bridging the gap between art and fashion. JiggyKorean currently resides in Atlanta GA.

Creative Director

Art Direction

Branding Identity


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